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Bonneville Tatters is a community organization formed in 2008 to promote the historic art form and hand craft of making Tatted Lace along the Wasatch Front. Bonneville Tatters meets once per month in each of two locations, Ogden and Salt Lake. Bonneville Tatters is committed to offering meetings and lessons free of charge for any who wish to participate.

tatted doily

Tatted Lace Doily

Tatted Lace was made extensively by the early settlers and pioneers who initially settled in the Salt Lake valley, but it's roots extend much further back. Tatted Lace has been used historically for everything from decorative edging on clothing or other cloths like table linsens to decorative motifs applied to any number of craft projects.

Antique Tatted Collar

Antique Tatted Collar

Tatting (the art of creating Tatted Lace) has made a modern resurgence over the past 10 years or so, resulting in Tatters (those who design and make Tatted Lace) reinvigorating historic patterns and creating innovative modern designs and uses for Tatted Lace. Tatting is no longer just something that we used to see our grandmother doing while we play on the floor. Now avid and creative Tatters range in age from 8-100 years old, and some of the most creative and experienced Tatters have crossed the gender barrier to include many men including a local certified instructor lovingly referred to as "The Mad Tatter".

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Bonneville Tatters welcomes both experienced tatters and those who are potential new tatters to come to our monthly regional meetings. To share ideas and knowledge or to learn this amazingly versatile craft.