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Bonneville Tatters meets 2 times each month, one time each in 2 different geographic locations. Each meeting is for 3 hours starting at 1:00 pm and concluding at 4:00 pm. Bonneville Tatters meetings are free of charge, and fully open to the public. Our meetings are drop-in, come and go as you need.

We encourage visitors interested in learning more about tatting, those who wish to learn how to tat, and experienced tatters at all levels. If you are interested in tatting or looking to learn to tat bring only yourself, we have supplies that we can provide to teach you and get you on your way. We can also help you to know and understand what types of supplies we use, and what we recommend as you get started.

Many of our meetings are focused on a specific skill or topic to help tatters improve and grow in their skill and ability.

Meeting Locations